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все“TRIZ” Ltd (Engineering Problems Realization Company) unites qualified experts in the field of centrifu
gal machines, their systems and components. The Enterprise started its activity in 1990.

The Certificate, valid in the Company, allows working in the fields of chemical, petrol-chemical and gas industry on designing, repair, modernization and operation, author’s supervision for manufacturing, test, start-adjustment and vibrodiagnostic inspections of pump, compressor, turbine, turbine-generator and gas equipment, their separate components and control systems.

The basic kind of activity is compressor and pump equipment modernization according to its own technology. At present, more than 130 names of centrifugal equipment which has been modernized according to the “TRIZ” Ltd technology are successfully operated. The results of the operation confirm high economic efficiency and reliability of the modernized units.

Together with large chemical and petrochemical enterprises of Ukraine and Russia, huge practical experience on diagnostics, increase of the centrifugal equipment efficiency and reliability is saved up and has been presented in a lot of publications, as well as in the reports at branch, inter-industry and international seminars and conferences. Design developments are protected by patents.

“TRIZ” Ltd is the founder and the organizer of the “Compressor and pump equipment operation safety” seminar. The basic purpose of the seminar is to renew the tradition of main mechanics’ of the chemical and petrochemical industry enterprises annual meetings.

In its work, “TRIZ” Ltd applies modern diagnostic equipment, has powerful computer network and the original software packages to perform all kinds of structural, dynamic, thermal, gas dynamic and other kinds of calculations. The design documentation is developed using up-to-date graphic systems.

The enterprise develops dynamically, constantly increasing the production volumes and expanding its own manufacturing capabilities.


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